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 Troop 5 Maplewood South Orange

Having Fun,

                    Developing young men,

                                                      Building leaders

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Troop Mission and Guiding Principles


Our troop commits to operate under the following principles in carrying out its mission.

  1. Adhere to the values and ideals expressed in the Scout Oath, Law, Motto and Slogan
  2. Provide opportunities for leadership and responsibility beyond those available in school and other social, cultural and religious organizations
  3. Ensure scouting is fun for all members of the troop
  4. Provide an equal opportunity program that encourages every scout to:
    • Develop their unique skills and talents
    • Participate fully in the affairs of the troop
    • Advance to the rank of Eagle
  5. Provide a variety of outdoor activities, including monthly camping trips
  6. Provide adult roles models and opportunities for young men to engage with and develop positive relationships with adults
  7. Provide opportunities for parents to stay connected with their kids through adolescence.


Troop History


The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated in 1910.  Troop 5 of Maplewood, New Jersey was chartered ten years later, in 1920.  Over the years, Troop 5 has distinguished itself as one of the finest Boy Scout Troops in our area.  The Troop has seen over seventy-five Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.


Troop 5 Today


Troop 5 is proud to currently be one of the largest Boy Scout units in the Lenape Trail District of Northern New Jersey Council.  We have an active Scout membership of about 50 boys, ranging in age from 11 to 17.  We currently have six patrols, each made up of scouts of various ages, ranks and experience.


Each Scout pays their portion for campouts, meals, summer camp, and other trips.  Troop 5 expects and encourages Scouts to actively participate in fundraising efforts held throughout the year.  They earn credits in their Troop 5 “Scout Account” which can be used towards the cost of summer camp, outings, etc.


Youth Leadership


Troop 5 is definitely a “boy-run” organization.  The Senior Patrol Leader and his Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(s) actively lead the Troop meetings and outings.  These youth leaders are elected by the boys in the Troop in May of each year.  The patrol leaders are also elected by the Troop 5 Scouts.


The other leadership positions (“Warrant Officers”), such as Quartermaster, Librarian, Scribe, Troop Guide, Troop Instructor and Chaplain’s Aide, are chosen by the Senior Patrol Leader from written applications submitted by the Scouts who wish to fill these positions.


The Senior Patrol Leader, the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, the Patrol Leaders and the other Warrant Officers make up the Troop Leader Council, or TLC.  The TLC meets briefly after every weekly troop meeting to evaluate the program for that meeting and to review any upcoming trips and meetings.  TLC also meets once a month for a more detailed planning or training meeting.  Every June, the newly elected TLC meets to plan the calendar for the following year, choosing the camping trips and the monthly themes for the troop meetings.  Every summer TLC members attend a formal training program. 


Adult Leadership


Troop 5’s Adult Leaders are registered with and have passed background checks by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  All have been trained by the BSA in youth protection, and receive additional training throughout the year.  Many have passed both Red Cross and Boy Scout first aid requirements.  Some leaders are parents of Scouts, some parents of former Scouts, some are former Scouts (even from Troop 5!).


Our Scoutmaster, Roger Brauchli, along with the Assistant Scoutmasters work with the boys on a day to day basis.  This team provides mentorship to the members of the TLC.  This very active group of Scouters gets to know each of the boys very well, and is involved with all the events, programs, and activities of the troop.


Supporting the Scoutmaster in delivering a quality troop program and handling troop administration is the Troop Committee. The Troop Committee is led by our Committee Chair, Bob Fay.  The Troop Leadership is organized in two layers:  an Executive Board and a set of Functional Teams.  The Executive Board meets monthly; Functional Teams meet as necessary, usually at Troop meetings or at Executive Board meetings. 


The committee supports leaders who are carrying out the program by being responsible for the administrative functions of the troop: finances, budget plans, meeting facilities, communications, recruiting and publicity, BSA policies, troop property, advancement records, boards of review, and courts of honor.